Working together to tackle key issues

There’s no doubt our climate is changing and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.

This isn’t something only experienced in Derbyshire, or indeed the UK. But in recent months our county has found itself at the sharp end, leaving myself and others to wonder what next, where and when?

Clearly action is needed on an unprecedented scale. By 2032, we intend to be carbon neutral in terms of our property, street-lighting and fleet. But there‘s a far bigger challenge facing us. The council’s own carbon footprint makes up just one per cent of emissions from Derbyshire as a whole. And this is where we intend to grab hold of the nettle and strive to make a real difference.

By teaming up with our district and borough council colleagues and Derby City Council, we intend to put politics aside and become leaders in the field when it comes to working with communities and businesses to support them to bring about change.

Climate change is an issue which faces us all and I’m pleased to have met with Leaders from other councils in Derby and Derbyshire on Friday. Not only do we agree this is an issue we can and should all be working together to address, but we agree there are other issues we could tackle by sharing expertise, experience and working more closely – to improve the lives of Derbyshire residents and potentially save money too.

This is the dawn of a new era for local government in Derbyshire. I’ve said before we need to keep an open mind as to what the future of local government may look like to deliver more cost-efficient services for residents.

We hope to show central Government a new way of working to be held up as an example for other councils to follow and a new model for attracting more government funding into the county without the need for overly bureaucratic reforms.